Kihaps in Patterns

Chon Ji (movement 17) – 2nd Forwards Front Punch

Dan Gun (movement 8, 17) – High Punch before Twin Forearm Block and #17 – Last Rising Block

Do San (Movement 6, 22) – Movement #12 – Straight Fingertip Thrust and #22 – Last Rising Block

Won Hyo (movement 12) – – Straight Fingertip Thrust

Yul Gok (movement 24, 27, 36) – Both Front Elbow Strikes and #36 Jumping Back-fist

Joong Gun (movement 12) – Twin Upset Punch

Toi Gye (movement 29) – Jumping X-Fist Pressing Block

Hwa Rang (movement 14, 25) – Last Walking Stance Middle Section Punch before spin Knife-hand Guarding Block and #25 Right Side Elbow Thrust

Choong Moo (movement 9 on knife hand guarding, and 19 when landing with knife hand guarding) – Movement #9 – on the execution of the Knife Hand Guarding Block when landing from Flying Side Kick and #19 – on the landing Knife Hand Guarding Block from the jump spin technique

Kwang Gae (movement 23, 27) – both Sitting Stance Back-fist Strikes

Po Eun (movement 12, 30) – on both Horizontal Punches

Ge Baek (movement 19, 28) – Knife Hand Guarding Block before first Nine Shaped Block and #28 – X-Stance Double Forearm Block


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